What is Meant by "Breast Projection"?

by / Saturday, 26 January 2013 / Published in Breast, Frequently Asked Questions


What is Meant by “Breast Projection”?

Answer: Breast projection is the forward distance of the breast from the chest wall. Breast Projection is not a fixed distance, rather a ratio dependent on the base diameter. Breasts can be projected in four ways: low, high, moderate and moderate plus.


A low profile implant extends outwards the least and is better suited for patients with a wider frame. An implant with a moderate profile is what used to be considered standard: a round, full breast with plenty of volume. This type of profile is best suited for women with a narrow chest, as it creates the illusion of a wider chest.

A moderate-plus projection extends outwards much like a moderate profile but is fuller. This breast projection is achieved with a memory gel implant, as it’s more cohesive than a typical silicone implant and feels more like natural breast tissue.

A high profile breast implant has the most projection, and gives patients more depth without the need for more volume. High profile implants have a narrower base, which helps achieve the look of larger breasts without the risk of rippling or placing an implant that is too wide for a patient’s frame.